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With a strong storyline and creative plotting, this book defied my usual reviewing conventions. It had many of the things I loved ...
P. Creeden­
This is a very promising start to what will be a highly vivid and imaginative read for fantasy lovers.
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The collective books of Patrick Aquilone.

The Land of Ather <br>
The Land of Ather
The Land of Ather
is the first Novella in The Quest for the Golden Book series.

Caught in the fury of a sudden storm, John Kardinairo seeks shelter in a bookstore. Thrust into a strange land, his mundane life is forever altered as he embarks on an epic adventure. Trapped in the perilous battle between good and evil, he'll face vile creatures, a fire breathing dragon and the wrath of the evil Lord Aquzar. Drawn into a search for love, truth, and God, he desperately seeks the mysterious Golden Book. Focused on getting home, will he succumb to the forces of evil or unlock the riddles, retrieve the book and escape the Land of Ather?
Leading from the Floor <br>
Leading from the Floor
Teaching the Men of God to Develop a Prayer Stragety for Their Family through testimonial stylized book.  You will love to find out how God taught Patrick to pray over his family every day and the impact that has had on his family.